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Ban Chemically Scented Products From The Olympics? Bringing Personal Habits To Public Places....It's A Stinky Issue.

For people with COPD, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and Asthma, Chemically Scented Products can be a major Disability Barrier.  Just a quick surf on the internet shows how many people are unable to keep their jobs because of these reactions, or are unable to participate in life's activities because of them.  So, what we have is another "second hand smoke," issue of people bringing their habits into the workplace and other environments and expecting others to tolorate what it does to them or get out. And like the smoking issue, scent free sections do not work well because the air circulates.  This is a problem especially if the products are heavy scented.  There just isn't any excaping it. As a person with MCS and Asthma as well as other environmental allergies, I sat out of ballroom and any other form of dancing for 15 years before finding a line dance group that is semi-considerate of this problem.  Most places people with these conditions go to are so heavy scented by both perfume, cologne, body sprays, and scented plug ins, that they make it impossible for them to stay long enough to get the first dance.

So what can be done to address this issue once and for all?  What is being done?  I'd like to hear your stories and experience. 

For starters, I have created a petition asking the US Olympics and their affiliated organizations which includes Ballroom dancing, to go scent-free.  The petition can be viewed and signed at


For those interested in creating an awareness about Chemical Sensitivity, Donna Peterson has started a program with MCS Awareness Bracelets, like the ones people wear for all other illnesses.  For more info you can contact here at has started a fragrance free program with bumper stickers.


So what else can we do to get the word out and get something done?  I want to hear your ideas.

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