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"Somehow we can talk about these subjects here in polite company."

Welcome all, and thanks for visiting ActMo! This is the NEW location for our popular About Us page since NING changed their TOS in 2010.

The Activist Motivator is a Citizen Journalist, Open Forum, Social Network for promoting Awareness, Debate and Organizing Action on important social issues. Issues like transparency, corporate governance, ethics, social justice, ecology, health and food safety, human rights, and more. We are seeking facts to determine truths, and all are welcome to debate these here.  

"Activism = self-expression; organizing = movement-building." -Mark Rudd

ActMo is much more than just an alternate aggregated news blog and link roll. ActMo! is a powerful platform to connect and communicate quickly with masses of like minded people worldwide. Please participate by posting about what motivates you or share your ideas and opinions to help enlighten and motivate others. @Activism101 is our very active TWITTER account where you can follow and interact with our daily tweets. Interface automatically with Twitter and Facebook to broadcast your events on our calendar, or Organize a private Group and start a Movement to focus on, and further your cause. The Latest Activities automatically get updated to Twitter at*. Post videos, links and articles to the community blog, or start thought provoking threads in the discussion forum, on opinions and issues that you care about.You can even MAKE YOUR OWN PAGE and set it up to showcase whatever you want, or use it as a customized personal activist news source. *Don't hesitate to send us tips on improving the site. We appreciate it! And tell your friends to come join your network.

One day soon we'll break the language barrier with technology, and further unite all the like minded, peace loving, people of the international community. We're all in this together; all affecting each other. Let's stop waiting, and start participating in positive change
, right now, through awareness, clarity, and action.

Tips for Tapping into the ActMo! Network
Start by getting familiar with your 'My Page' area. You have a customizable page so take some time to make it the way that best suits your style. Please use your My Page comment wall for your thoughts and opinions and random conversations to help keep the main site uncluttered. Here's a link to Cromag's My Page

Video Section: The place to upload or embed important videos and even add lots of commentary. Have a look at this example.

Forum Section: The place to start discussion topics where you would like people to join in a conversation. A great place to debate issues or ask for ideas or opinions on subjects. As we get more traffic, this should be the most interesting area.

Invite friends, organize groups and debate issues. Add new photos
Group Section
: The place to form private groups with members for planning, discussing, updating or sharing information.

Blog Section: The place for objective, thought provoking articles, that hopefully educate or encourage comments. Links are always good to help support claims and minimize conjecture. Videos that are not supported by NING's video upload system in our video section can easily be embeded in the blog section.

Events Section
: The place to let people know of upcoming events or demonstrations, and even to have people RSVP.

* Instantly add photos from your phone by sending them directly to photos only)

We have RSS all over our network under each category and more, such as this RSS Link for our Latest Activity updates

The Activist Motivator is a Spam Free Zone. Don't keep our site a secret.
We are also on we have a Tumblr Blog and find us on Technorati 4X6QQCPQN8YT please tell your friends.

GLOSSARY: Search these TAGS or KEYWORDS to find what interests you:

corporate-accountability, anti-discrimination, social-network, Facebook, Twitter, disenfranchisement, gerrymander, equality, cronyism, healthcare, health-care, poverty, the working-poor, environmentalism, food-safety, farm-bill, food-bill, organic-food, ethics, social-activism, citizen-journalism, moral-hazard, free-speech, freedom, dissidence, globalization, corruption, anti-graft awareness, debate, forum, fraud, activism, activist-motivator, homelessness, sustainability, media-manipulation, disinformation, misinformation, misdirection, human-rights, social-justice, carbon-footprint, greenhouse-gas, locavore, organic garden, monoculture farming, vertical-farming, no-till, permaculture, food-forest, GMO, Genetically Modified Organisms, Monsanto, solidarity-capitalism, global-corporate-superpowers, oligopolies-gone-wild, corporate-moral-hazard, oligopoly, oligopolistic, oligonomy, deregulation, too-big-to-fail, machiavellian-economy, enlightened-capitalism,corporate-disenfranchisement, deceptive-practices, affirmative-action, social-affirmative-action, whistle-blower, watchdog-groups, consumerism, consumption, health, disease, education, big-business, antitrust, transparency, price-fixing, propaganda, cap-and-trade, carbon-credits, corporate-governance, corporatocracy, Sarbanes-Oxley, deferred-prosecution, anti-corruption, Sherman-Antitrust-Act, Clayton-Antitrust-Act, Glass-Steagall-Act, Phil Gramm plus, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Commodity Futures Modernization Act, misguidance of corporate-citizenship, retaliation, corporate-kleptocracy, socially-conscious, socially-responsible, harassment, tolerance, trust-busting, misguided-CSR, white-collar-crime, corporate-malfeasance, corporate-crime, corporate-lobby, corporate-bribery, state-capture, corporate-personhood, politics, special-interests, bribery, civil-society-organizations, CSO, multinational-corporation, transnationals, non-governmental-organization, NGO, social-enterprise, military-industrial-complex, blowback, clientelism, climate-change, global-warming, greenhouse-effect, hormone-mimicking, endocrine-disrupting, fractional-reserve, fiat-currency, federal-reserve, constitution, democratic, republic, separation-of-powers, legislative, executive, judicial, geoengineering, NSA, americanize, elite, elitism, empire-building, investigative-reporting, hegemony,egalitarian, conservatism, dominionists, anti-creationism, fascism, theology, totalitarianism, tyranny, meritocracy, materialism, commercialism, populism, pluralism, progressivism, ruling-class, currency-devaluation, environmental-ruin, fair-trade, free-trade, trade-liberalization, treaties, social-funding-cuts, indentured-servitude, peasantization, trade-liberalization, social-stratification, American Liberty League, Smedley Butler, Treaties, imperialism, neo-colonialism, neo-liberalism, anti-globalization, alter-globalization, Tobin Tax, gentrification, disinvestment, plutocracy, plutonomy, home rule & Dillon's Rule, Collectivism, Council on Foreign Relations(CFR), fascism, persistent organic pollutants POPs supremacy clause, Tragedy of the Commons, Narcissistic Personality Disorder(NPD), Sociopath, Preemption, Supremacy Clause, Commerce Clause, Constitutional Conflicts, Commodification, Citizens United, #OWS, Occupy Wall Street, Nullification




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