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Author and activist Naomi Wolf @naomirwolf discusses the elements of effective protest.
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Topics cover; going up against municipal restrictive permits; constitutional 1st amendment rights to freedom of speech and to peaceably assemble; peaceful disruption; effective non-violent protest; agent provocateurs (known-unknowns);

Ten Point Guide

1. Peaceful disruption of business as usual -sitting, parking cars to block streets, long-term (not short sharp shocks), lifestyle,
2. Sign up your lawyers -local CLU(, National Lawyers Guild (, Center for Constitutional Rights (
3. Make the protest happy -joyful, life affirming, positive.
4. Don't cover your faces and all members need to use camera and document what is happening. "The whole world is watching."
5. Reclamation of public space -seated and linking arms. Donate to NLG and use their services to help with court fights.
6. Use visuals like colors to unify. use flags, dress up
7. Build infrastruture -build relationships, engage face to face, get started in person, local email list,
8. Register voters 30-100 minimum, show proof, send agenda to the district offices, Curtis Ellis, congressional elections are critical
9. Be your own media, blog, send op-eds to op-ed editors at NYT, WSJ, WPost, LATimes, send dramatic video footage, call local producers and send video clips, Who, What, Where, Why, How, send still photos, create your own documentaries on your own websites, send to freelance media editors and producer, build relationships
10. All successful protest movements have spokespeople. -circular rotating, surrogates who speak on behalf of movement with talking points. Good communicators.

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