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Organic food’s dirty secret: What the “seductive” label fails to tell you [Updated Info]

Just because food is labeled organic doesn't mean it's what you're expecting, journalist Peter Laufer tells Salon

by Lindsay Abrams 

Published Saturday, Jul 19, 2014 11:00 AM PST…


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Oligonomy Defined

The vocabulary of economists has no word to describe an increasingly common phenomenon. An oligopoly, as you know, is a market sector in which there are few sellers. An oligopsony is a market sector in which there are few buyers. But there are an increasing number of market sectors in which the same companies are both oligopolies and oligopsonies. This situation I propose to call an oligonomy.

In an oligonomy, companies act as an oligopoly to one group, as an oligopsony to another.… Continue

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If Nature Had Rights

... "So what would a radically different law-driven consciousness look like?” The question was posed over three decades ago by a University of Southern California law professor as his lecture drew to a close. “One in which Nature had rights,” he continued. “Yes, rivers, lakes, trees. .…


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How Activists Organize (updated)

Watching the videos below, and exploring the additional materials and links, is a primer for understanding how seemingly powerless activists organize and affect widespread change.  One caveat is understanding elitism and the irony of democracy;  that changing status quo from one ruling class to another does not necessarily improve all conditions or eliminate oppression and corruption […


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About Us - with Glossary

"Somehow we can talk about these subjects here in polite company."

Welcome all, and thanks for visiting ActMo! This is the NEW location for our popular About Us page since NING changed their TOS in 2010.

The Activist Motivator is a Citizen Journalist, Open Forum, Social Network for promoting Awareness, Debate and Organizing Action on important social issues. Issues like transparency, corporate…


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Top 20 Things You Should Know About Corporate Crime

--This Top 20 list is worth repeating until it disapears--


Top Twenty Things You Should Know About Corporate Crime

21 Corporate Crime Reporter 25, June 12, 2007

Twenty years ago, Corporate Crime Reporter, a weekly print newsletter, was launched. From the beginning, the most popular feature of Corporate Crime Reporter has been a question/answer format interview. Over the years, we’ve interviewed hundreds of prosecutors,… Continue

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Sins of the Fathers: How Corporations Use the Constitution and Environmental Law to Plunder Communities and Nature

Absorbing each and every line of this powerful document is a worthwhile step towards meaningful environmental activism. -Ice Goldberg

Thomas Alan Linzey, Esq. Executive Director

The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, Inc.

Thursday, March 4th, 2004 class at University of Pittsburgh School of Law

Our work over the past four years has taken us in new directions for environmental attorneys -- we now give most of our…

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