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Study Sheds Light on Obama-Muslim Misconception

— By Jen Phillips
Sep. 10, 2010

"Obama is a different race/class/party than me, therefore he's more likely to be a different religion too, most likely Muslim." That's basically the thought…


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The Public Relations Industry & The Decline of Trust - August 2010

1. Introduction

Commercial messages have colonised every part of our environment. Advertising is everywhere, in all of our media, TV and radio, newspapers and magazines; in films and all over the internet; on bill boards and bus stops; on our clothing and cars; in museums and public parks; at community events and political party conferences; salesmen… Continue

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The War against Activists

Categorizing Environmentalists

In dealing with activists public relations firms generally employ a

'divide and conquer' strategy which exploits differences in the

environment movement between moderates and radicals.…


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What Created the Populist Explosion and How Democrats Can Avoid the Shrapnel in November

By Drew Westen, AlterNet

Posted on September 1, 2010, Printed on September 6, 2010…


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Matt Yglesias is delusional

via Open Left



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